Akabeko handmade Fukushima Iwaki Japan Mug next to a Drama and an Akabeko. Akabeko is a traditional Japanese folk toy crafted in Aizu Japan.

An Ode to Fukushima and the Akabeko

Originating from Aizu in Fukushima Japan is the adorable Akabeko.
The Akabeko is a traditional folk toy crafted in the shape of a cow with a distinctive bobbing head, and its name directly translates to "red cow" in Japanese.
Akabeko's were always a ubiquitous character throughout my childhood growing up in Iwaki, a city right next to Aizu.
Legend has it that the Akabeko brings good luck, and protects against disasters - Making it a cherished keepsake and a popular souvenir for visitors to the region.
After the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in 2011, the significance of the Akabeko emerged as a symbol of hope and resilience. Its presence, once a familiar sight adorning shelves as a cherished keepsake, took on new significance, embodying our determination to rebuild and thrive in the face of adversity.
When I return home to Fukushima, I am struck by the juxtaposition of change and continuity. The prefecture has transformed, yet amidst this evolution, the essence of Fukushima remains unchanged. The Akabeko, with its unwavering spirit and playful demeanor, serves as a reminder of our culture, history and resilience.
I decided to celebrate the Akabeko and pay homage to my home town by creating a limited number of Akabeko mugs and cups.

I hope they bring you joy as much they did for me while I was making them! 
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